"So it was with me. I had actually seen a light, and in the midst of that light I saw two Personages, and they did in reality speak to me; and though I was hated and persecuted for saying that I had seen a vision, yet it was true...For I had seen a vision; I knew it, and I knew that God knew it, and I could not deny it, neither dared I do it; at least I knew that by so doing I would offend God, and come under condemnation." Joseph Smith

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Well Done

Please remember to join us for Sarah's Homecoming this Sunday!

Below are some of her last words home:

Right now my heart is just so full of gratitude and joy that I hardly know what to do with myself.  I know that it's coming to a close, and that it's at the right time.  If my mission already means so much to me now, while I am still here, I can only imagine how much it will mean to me through the years as it becomes more and more a part of me.

Last night as I was saying my prayer, I thought of all of the people I was able to meet and all of the beautiful experiences I've had.  There just aren't words to be able to describe it.  I think I am finally starting to really understand, ''and men are, that they might have joy.''  The gospel is a gospel of love and a gospel of joy.  All Heavenly Father really wants is for us to be perfectly and incredibly happy. I am so grateful that through His Son it is all possible.  I cannot believe how blessed I have been to learn this during these 18 months and be able to share it with those around me.  My heart is ''swollen with joy'' and I feel as if I could climb onto the rooftops to ''sing redeeming love.''  Trials may come, storm clouds may gather, but we know to whom to look for solace and light even in the darkest of times.  Our master is there to save us, sustain us, and help us realize the glorious divine potential that lies in each of us.  WE are His entire work and glory, and His promised blessings WILL come if we just have the faith to hang on.

I know that we are children of our loving Heavenly Father and through our desires to become like Him we were able to come to this earth, blessed to live in families, to learn, experience and grow.  I know that through the redemptive and enabling powers of the Atonement we can become purified and sanctified, overcoming all sin, fault or weakness.  Through Christ we truly can become perfected in Him.  The Book of Mormon along with a living prophet serve as our guides to illuminate the way to eternal and lasting happiness.  As we live worthy of our covenants, we may find joy in the journey and open arms to receive us when we are called to the other part.  

How grateful I am for this nametag that allowed me to proclaim these glad tidings.  Even though I may have to take it off in a short while, it will be forever engraven upon my heart, along with all of these wonderful people.  Thank you for supporting me, for encouraging me, and for leading me by example.  YOU are the greatest blessing in my life, and not a day goes by that I will not thank the Lord my God for sending me to you.  His work will go on, we will continually be encircled by the arms of His love as we seek His will in all things until we will hear the words, ''Well done, my good and faithful servant.''  I hope He will say that about these 18 months because I have given my all, and He has given so much in return that I will never be able to repay Him.

I love you with all of my heart.  See you soon.  A presto.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The last few incredible weeks...

Wow, what an incredible week.  Who am I kidding?  EVERY week is fantastic!  On Saturday we went to Bergamo for the concert.  Just when I thought my mission couldn't end on a better note after the baptisms of Geraldine and Eugenia...  It was almost like a homecoming.  Everyone was SO excited to see me, we were all laughing and crying and hugging.  The best part was looking out the door and seeing Ana, our new convert walking in.  I opened the door and when she saw me, we just ran to each other...she was in heels and everything.  We just clung together for an entire minute, at a loss for words.  She told me how happy she was to see me, and wouldn't let me go for the rest of the evening.  She just looped her arm through mine, like grandma does.  She is so special, like an aunt or sister to me.  There is not a better feeling in the world than to see her pressing on, so faithful, so full of light and the spirit.  Words just seem empty in trying to describe it.
 As missionaries, so often we have to wait for years even to see the fruits of our labors.  Very few are immediate.  But the Lord blessed me to be able to see that all of my efforts weren't in vain, and that just maybe I WAS able to help.  It was so gratifying.  By the end, we were all just crying.  It was like saying goodbye all over again.
But the work is not done yet.  Beny is finally starting to make some huge progress, coming to GANS three times last week.  We had a talent show so I accompanied her while she sang, ''Someone like You'' by Adele.  The single adults are doing a good job of frienshipping her, because they've all struggled with the same things.  On sunday she made me print out more music so I could play for her.  She wants to see us all the time, now.
Finally, one night it was really late coming home on the bus.  I was so tired, but remembered President's counsel that ''from the last 10% come 90% of the blessings.''  So I saw this woman sitting down, whom Slla Lloyd claims was somewhat scary looking, and even though I didn't feel like it, I started talking to her.  We ended up getting her phone number and then going to her house.  She was there with her sister Fanny, and they had SO many questions like ''Is it necessary to get baptized twice?''  ''How can you know which church is true?''  ''Is Jesus Christ God or the Son of God?  How does that all work?''  We had a great lesson, and the second time we went over they asked US if they could come to church with us.  So we're really excited for them.  We also found 11 new investigators last week, and even after some no-shows, we are hoping some of them turn into progressing investigators.
I look forward to pressing on these last few days!
~Sorella Jacobson

Please Join Us...

Just a reminder that you are invited to join us for
Sister Sarah Jacobson's Homecoming!

Sunday, August 26th
Chapel behind Olympus High School
(4100 S. Camille Drive)

We will also be having a luncheon afterwards at the Jacobson Home
(2616 Capricorn Way)

Come up and visit with Sarah afterwards.

RSVP on Facebook on Sarah's page - we hope everyone can make it!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Count Down is On!

I'll tell you why this week has been absolutely wonderful:
First, they announced Eugenia's baptism in church along with Antonella (the elder's investigator).  She was so happy afterward.  And people were coming up and talking with her.  She had her interview on Tuesday which went really well.  Then she just comes up with one of those two-liners that you will remember for the rest of your life.  We were reviewing tithing and going over fast offerings, and she says, ''You know, I think I'll be able to do the whole tithing thing.  I was looking at my budget, and I realized that if I pay tithing with all the money I used to use on cigarettes, I'll come out just fine.''  She hasn't even paid tithing yet and she's already realizing how much she will be blessed!  I cannot even tell you how excited I am!
If that weren't enough, we had a lesson with Geraldine at a member's house after church.  Originally, she had decided to wait until after she got back from vacation to be baptized.  At the end of the lesson, she says, ''Sister, is it too late for me to be baptized on the 28th?  I think I'd like to do it.''  We told her to go home and pray about it.  The next day we had one of the most spiritual lessons I've had.  We talked about living prophets and took the amazing Capece couple with us.  At the end of the lesson, I asked, ''Were you able to ask Heavenly Father about baptism?''  ''Yes,'' she said.  ''What did He say?''  I ask.  Are you ready for this?  I still get goosebumps just thinking about it.  She responds, ''I feel that now is the right time for me to be baptized.''  There just isn't a greater feeling.  I gave her a big hug and we were all laughing and congratulating her.  She just had this big smile on her face.
Geraldine is one of the humblest, most faithful people I know.  She originally wanted to wait so she could learn more, because we've esentially taught her everything in 2 weeks.  It's been such a great experience, because we've had to keep everything so simple and basic, that the spirit has really been present and able to bear testimony.  Between every lesson, she goes to the lds website to look up everything in both Tagolog and English.  When she doesn't understand, she says, ''Sister, will you please explain?''  I call her quite often, and she says things like, ''Sister, do you think I will be able to answer all of the questions?''  (In regards to the interview.)  Her prayer at the end of the lesson where she decided to be baptized was one of the most beautiful I have ever heard in my life.  She always thanks the Lord for sending her ''my missionaries'' and prays for our families.  She thanks Him for showing her the path and asks for the faith to continue to learn.  She is going to be such a strength for her family...she also wants her children to be ''Mormons.''
You think I'm done with all the great things, don't you?  Not a chance. 
On top of that, we were finally able to get ahold of Isabel, our baptismal date who went MIA for 3 weeks.  Turns out that she had lost her phone and they had no way to contact us.  What a relief!  So hopefully we can get her back on track again. 
So as you can see, the Lord is blessing us beyond measure.  Two baptisms (3 with Antonella) and a concert this weekend, another concert in Bergamo the following, and two other people with baptismal dates.  Plus, we're meeting tons of other awesome people, like Nikol from Nuernberg who speaks German, Italian, AND English.  And happens to be an engieneer.  And I actually was able to talk with him in German, for once. 
Love you all.  Remember that faith precedes the miracle.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

In Concert!

More and More Blessed

These past few weeks have been absolutely insane.  People are starting to come up to US to ask us questions.  For example, I was talking to this guy on the bus, who wasn't very interested.  But then we get off, and another man stops us asking, ''What exactlty is that book you were talking about?''  We end up teaching him a mini lesson about the book of mormon.  Meanwhile, another gentleman is standing off to the side, watching us.  As we finish with the first, he comes up to us and says, ''Hey, what is it you guys are talking about?''  So we teach HIM about the book of mormon, restoration, etc.  Then, the next day in the same place, a couple sitting on a bench say, ''Hey, which church are you from?''  As we talked about the restoration and my comp recited the first vision, they just kept saying, ''Che bello, che bello.''  ''How beautiful, how beautiful.''  None of them turned into investigators (yet) but I now know what the Lord means when Ammon and his brethren taught EVERYWHERE: 
''And we have entered into their houses and taught them, and we have taught them in their streets; yea, and we have taught them upon their hills; and we have also entered into their temples and their synagogues and taught them...'' Alma 26:29.
Sarah and her companion also recently gave another concert in Milano:
THE CONCERT!  How can I forget?!  It was one of the coolest things I've experienced in my entire mission.  It went SO well.  At the end, we finished with this rendition of ''How Great Thou Art'' that was so powerful, that when our ward mission leader got up to bear his testimony, he couldn't even speak.  (And he's one who speaks a lot!)  Also, one of our members brought her neighbor, who had received lessons before.  So we're hopefully going to set up an appt with her. But the most amazing thing was how the members responded.  The loved it so much, that they want us to do it again!  Everyone, and I mean everyone, kept asking, ''You have to do it again.  When will you do it again?!''  Little Ivan, from the Astudillo family, started crying while I played ''If you could hie to Kolob'' because he said he felt the spirit.  Sorella Wolfgramm said, ''This is one of the highlights of our mission.  I couldn't be any prouder of our two daughters.''  All of the members kept trying to invite us over for dinner to thank us.  People told us that we had to find each other after the mission and go on tour or something, because we are the perfect companionship. 
It was so wonderful to be able to give back to the ward - to thank them for all they do and who they are.  It wasn't about the compliments or the quality of the music, but the spirit that all of us felt there.  I know that the Lord blessed us for all of those years in practice, and allowed us to put them together for this ward, so they could feel how much they mean to us a missionaries.  
This week, they repeated the concert for the Institute:
We repeated the concert for the GANS (young adults).  There were only about 7 people there, but it was worth it.  Before it started, I talked with Sorella Capece who was having a really rough time.  She was frustrated with a lot of things, and understandably so.  She said she needed this to help her regroup.  There was such a special spirit - at the end she came up to me just bawling.  So we at least helped one person.
And the miracles continue:
Just when you think you've had the best lesson ever, the Lord sends you an even better one to prove you wrong.  The Crisciones are the best!  Litlle Charlotte and I made lemonade...it's been so long since I've ''babysat.''  it reminded me of Portia.  Meanwhile, Daniela made pasta with shrimp, my companion and Rachel fished the salad, and Giovanni set the table and entertained.  Because Daniela lived in NY for a few years, it was this awesome mix of Italian-English.  Dinner was delicious, and everything always seemed to tie into the gospel.
 The lesson on the Restoration blew my mind.  The spirit was SO powerful.  Rachel and Giovanni bore simple, short Preach my Gospel testimonies.  Somehow Giovganni compared the gospel to a ''map'' and then everyone picked up on that metaphor, even Daniela, for the entire lesson.  We talked about God revealing the map through prophets, different interpretations during the apostasy, etc.  When we asked Daniela if she would read and pray to know if our message was true, she said, ''I already know it's true.  I can feel it.  I can see it in the way you live.''  We invited her to baptism and she said she was open and would like to, but still is attached to the nuns that she grew up with, and has a lot of questions and doubts to present to the Lord.  Befoe we could say anything, Rachel just asks the most inspired question, ''Do you believe you can ask God these things and that He will answer?''  She and Giovanni talked about Christ knocking at the door.  It was exactly what she needed.  She said, ''I guess I need to start talking more openly and look for my ''map''' through prayer and reading.''  WOW!  There was such a peace, and you could visibly see how tranquil she felt.  The spirit was definitely guiding that lesson, through us, Daniela, and especially Giovanni and Rachel.
~Love to you all, Sorella Jacobson